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Your proof of quality before volume production

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With our mobility solutions, we propel our customers forward. This means that we have to be on the move all the time and continue to be innovative. We are always true to our maxim of uncompromising quality standards down to the smallest detail. Before starting any volume production or changing any drawing parts, our suppliers are obliged to implement initial sampling and to provide us with an initial sampling report.

An initial sampling report is always required.

You as a supplier, can prove and check with the initial sampling that you adhere to all predetermined specifications under volume production conditions. What is especially important is the initial sampling report you provide, which we require as part of our quality assurance. The following conditions will give you an idea, which requirements must be complied with as a matter of urgency:

» Conditions for initial sampling [German version] [PDF]

» Conditions for initial sampling [English version] [PDF]


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