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No matter where in the world - we improve the mobility of our customers. We place particular emphasis on uncompromising quality, outstanding efficiency - and search for partners who also follow these guidelines.

We adapt to the needs of our customers and focus on the market requirements. With innovative ideas, a continuous improvement and intelligent mobility solutions, we could establish ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of castors . As a result, we are looking for suppliers that operate with the same consequence and therefore can help us to fulfil our high aspirations and demands. Our partnership is based on reliability, performance and long-term sustainability. The following four attributes are prerequisites for our collaboration:

  • Readiness for innovation
  • High product and process quality
  • Deadline and delivery reliability
  • Competitive prices in international comparison

An indispensable requirement for our suppliers is the full compliance with the relevant statutory regulations. We work exclusively with partners that treat their staff fairly when it comes to salary, social benefits, working conditions and in compliance with the law.

We consider purchasing decisions to be team work and therefore strictly according to objectives and sustainable criteria. The evaluation of supplier performance takes place regularly and across divisions.

Clear Principles

We have high ethical standards. We do not consider any deal to be worth risking the reputation of our company. In addition, our aim is not jeopardised the reputation of our business partners. Below, we would like to demonstrate our principles on the basis of selected examples:

As a sign of our appreciation, we present our business partners with small gifts at appropriate times, these include promotional items. This is also true for our employees, who are only allowed to accept gifts to a value of no more than € 40.00.

We consider informal meetings, such a meal with business partners as important occasions for the development and maintenance of business relationships. We do not consider the participation in elaborate events to be essential for the promotion of business relationships. We consider such events to be sport, theatre or other cultural events. If you decide to invite one of our employees to such an event, make sure that there is a legitimate business reason to do this. Please send the invitation to the business and purchasing management. The colleagues there will make sure, that the competent representatives of our company participates.

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